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Williams Consulting has extensive experience in various forms of computer networking, spanning modems through giga-bit Ethernet.


Williams Consulting has been active in the Smart Grid area involving design of software for controllers for the power industry and interfaces to specialized legacy power transmission equipment.


Williams Consulting has developed a number of DSL products, including two modems and 2 gateway products.


As a member of the DSL Forum, Mr Williams has been a key contributor to testing and certification standards for DSL modems, as well as principal engineer for Agilent Technologies DSL test lab.


Williams Consulting has been a key developer of software for ATM (Asychronous Transmission Mode) switches, including client such as Cisco, Stanford Telecom,  Network Equipment Technologies, Ipsilon and others.


Fiber-optic projects include software for optical transmission systems and switches.


At the other end of the performance spectrum, Williams Consulting has been a key developer of software for modem management systems, telex message systems and other lower speed technologies.